Gartner shares innovative tech for your shifting attack surface


Gartner® Shares Innovative Tech for Your Shifting Attack Surface

As innovative organizations scale their cloud environments, their attack surface expands in tandem. With the ways attackers operate today, the slightest, smallest gap in visibility could be shadowing a critical, exploitable opening in your security posture. 

This is where we run into a chicken-or-egg situation:

  • Finding the best technology vendor to solve your security problems starts with identifying where your security posture is lacking. 
  • Because today's attack surfaces are so complex, identifying problems in your security posture often starts with the use of technology.

Attackers know this, and they are coming in from all sides and into all areas of your digital environment to take advantage of whatever they can. In fact, the Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2022 states:

"In 2020 there has been a marked increase in attacks moving from enterprise IT systems, to impact operations and production environments in manufacturing and critical infrastructure."

Having airtight security practices is no longer an option — no matter what industry you're in. So how can we keep our ever-expanding attack surfaces in check and guard our organizations from attackers? 

Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) is a great place to start. 

The next big thing in security is here: CAASM

The Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2022 report defines CAASM as "an emerging technology area focused on enabling security teams to overcome asset visibility and exposure challenges."

CAASM's three main capabilities allow you to remediate issues with precision and swiftness by: 

  1. Seeing all cyber assets across your attack surface
  2. Querying consolidated data
  3. Identifying the scope of vulnerabilities and gaps in security controls

With CAASM, security teams can improve basic security hygiene by ensuring that security controls and asset exposures are understood. 

JupiterOne is recognized as a Sample Vendor for CAASM technology in the Gartner report. This is the second time Gartner recognized JupiterOne as a CAASM vendor in one of its Hype Cycle reports, the first one being in the Hype Cycle for Network Security in 2021. This recognition further fuels JupiterOne's commitment to delivering continuous innovation in the CAASM category for security and IT teams worldwide.

JupiterOne empowers users to dig deeper into their complex asset relationships to achieve cloud governance and compliance. Our pioneered, query-able, graph-based approach to CAASM allows users to ask questions, track, map, and monitor all cyber assets and asset relationships. 

Is CAASM just another thing for my security team to manage?

Cyber assets are more than just devices or IP addresses! They are operational entities like code repos, data stores, IAM policies and roles, security controls, people, vulnerability findings, and more. Our 2022 State of Cyber Assets Report revealed that the average security team manages well over 165,000 cyber assets across their organization, resulting in issues like alert fatigue, struggle to prioritize risk, and burn out.

So, will CAASM just add on to that strain? No! CAASM is precisely designed to alleviate this strain by letting you: 

  • Get complete visibility across your entire digital environment: Understand what you have, where your vulnerabilities lie, and what your risk looks like through one centralized, consolidated view. Monitor internal, external, cloud, and on-premise cyber assets via API integrations.
  • Understand how everything connects and fast-track SecOps workflows: Cut down on incident response time and vulnerability management workloads with a simple query. JupiterOne's graph-based model maps relationships and visualizes blast radius to add context to all your cloud security, compliance, IAM, and vulnerability management processes. 
  • Make informed decisions with greater context: Because CAASM continuously monitors your cyber asset universe for changes in configurations, gaps, and other evolving entities, having baseline information about the health of your attack surface as well as blast radius mapping gives your security team the ability to make informed decisions about prioritizing risk. 
  • Bridge skills gaps and disparate tooling through automation: Basic security hygiene isn't so basic anymore, and the skills required to manage today's attack surfaces can be extremely specific and hard to come by. Developing those skills is time intensive and expensive. CAASM's automation not only bridges the skills gap and the gap between disparate tooling and/or misaligned integrations, it also saves the security team time by shifting the focus to managing the automation instead of the problem itself.

Between all the different approaches to security, traditional and modern infrastructure, the challenges that come with scaling a business, and the need to do more with less, the world is working hard to combat attackers and protect our most valuable assets with prevention, detection and response, as well as continuous assessment. 

The challenge with this continuous development, however, is that much of the technology is still emerging and cannot be validated by other users. Not only are enterprises unaware of emerging solutions, they may also be unaware of the problems these solutions are solving for.

At JupiterOne, we believe all security teams and organizations need to start with the basics:

  1. Know what you have: CAASM allows you to understand your environment by taking stock of every cyber asset you have. With JupiterOne, you can visualize what you have, which brings us to our next point.
  2. Focus on what matters: Understanding how your assets connect to each other and which assets are your "crown jewels" will help you act faster and prioritize any issues. 

Where is the hype in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2022?

"Gartner expects that there will be an increasingly diverse set of exposures and risks that organizations need to gain better visibility and control over." 

The most successful businesses will be those that have a strong and durable foundation to build new opportunities against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, and technology innovation is paramount to this effort since many organizations will need to undergo considerable digital transformation to survive.

Security is no longer just the responsibility of a security team — democratizing security across teams and into actionable processes can ensure vigilance and protection. The technologies outlined in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2022 are all designed to decrease workloads of time-consuming, manual processes in favor of automated, continuous monitoring and caution. 

And we believe that's the hype. Click here to read the report.


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