Empower your Security, IT, and DevOps teams with the context they need


Improve orchestration, automation, and response for Security Operations

SecOps teams rely on JupiterOne to optimize their day-to-day operations. Since there is no such thing as a “normal day” in SecOps, we help you sort through the alerts and prioritize your time and effort.
Enhance vulnerability management, threat modeling, and incident response

JupiterOne automatically maps asset relationships across your environment, making it easy to run queries and gather contextual data about your cyber assets. Leverage this added context to triage incidents, visualize the impact of breaches, and prioritize remediation strategies.

Integrate security monitoring across your tech stack

JupiterOne connects your infrastructure and security toolchain, helping you gain visibility across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Automatically map cyber assets to your specific governance and compliance standards. Create or upload your policies, procedures and security controls to enforce policy across your environments.

Auth0 Improves SecOps Capability with JupiterOne

“JupiterOne brings all of our cloud assets, their configurations, and vulnerabilities into one platform and the team can prioritize issues and understand the impact quickly across all of our assets.”

George Vauter
Lead Cloud Security Engineer at Auth0
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Implement the best strategy for Security Engineering

Security Engineering teams use JupiterOne as a single system of record to centralize visibility and security controls. Consolidate multiple sources of data into one platform, giving your teams a complete asset inventory across all of your environments. Help your teams discover, monitor, analyze, and respond to issues and minimize security risk.
Plan your strategy and implement your plan.

JupiterOne helps you answer complex security questions about all of your cyber assets. Make data-driven decisions as you scale security across your organization. Connect the dots between policies, infrastructure, endpoints, issues, and identity, to help you stay on top of issues from discovery to remediation. Reduce your attack surface risk and incidents, accelerate and automate alerting workflows, and improve collaboration across multiple departments.


Simplify IT asset management

Managing IT assets has evolved beyond overseeing servers and endpoints. From cloud infrastructure configuration to code repos, security policies, identity management, and more, JupiterOne helps bring visibility to your ever expanding cyber asset universe.

JupiterOne provides a single system of record across your technology stack. Your IT team can use JupiterOne to inventory and monitor all of your cyber assets, providing deep insights and minimizing risk across your environments. Centralize visibility of your cyber assets and enforce security controls with JupiterOne.

Less hopping around from system to system

Manage endpoints, user identities, infrastructure access and more. Integrate your management tools with JupiterOne and enforce policy across all your cyber assets, no matter what vendor you choose to manage them. Save time with centralized visibility and keep your assets in check to avoid potential risks.

Modern ‘Visibility’ for Cybersecurity and IT Asset Management

When asset types evolve, your approach to asset management needs to evolve as well. It’s not enough to “know” where all your assets are, you need a complete asset inventory. Download this whitepaper to learn how to modernize your asset management program with dynamic, scalable, cloud-native cyber asset visibility.


Build continuous security and compliance into your DevOps process

JupiterOne provides a compliance-as-code solution for DevOps and cloud security teams as they move towards continuous compliance. Cloud infrastructure, code repos, and security scan results are growing at an alarming rate. Monitor and alert on risk and changes to your environments so you don’t open any new security gaps.
Simplify your DevOps process with JupiterOne

Ingest data from your code repos, infrastructure, and security scans into JupiterOne for a consolidated view into your code security. Integrate with multiple cloud environments and code repositories so your team can enforce policy across all your cyber assets, no matter which team is writing and deploying code.

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