Healthcare Cybersecurity with JupiterOne

Protecting the integrity and privacy of patient data is synonymous with saving a patient’s life.

As healthcare data moves to the cloud, the number of data breaches continues to grow. According to the 2020 Cost of a Breach Report, the average cost of a healthcare breach is the highest of all industries at $7.13M per incident. Compromised systems can leave you bleeding dollars and data.

Secure sensitive customer data in your hybrid and cloud environments

Asset visibility is key for cloud security and patient health

Defense-in-depth strategies are expensive and don’t properly solve the problem of siloed information and operations. Reduce complexity, gain rich contextual insight, and get full visibility across all cyber assets and infrastructure with JupiterOne. 

Centralize your security operations

JupiterOne provides the connecting fabric across all of your systems, giving you a centralized security operations view to ensure the Protected Health Information (PII) and other sensitive data from your customers doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Secure sensitive customer data with HIPAA compliance

JupiterOne helps you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance by making security part of your everyday operations. Automate evidence collection and continuous monitoring so you never have to worry about drift or unknown gaps.