Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

JupiterOne enables security teams to solve persistent asset visibility and vulnerability challenges.

As a cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solution, JupiterOne helps enterprises aggregate cyber asset data from all of their tools into a single, unified view, becoming the foundation for all security activities.

With JupiterOne, your team can

Gain complete visibility across all cyber assets

Query consolidated data to answer complex questions

Identify the scope of vulnerabilities, threats, and gaps

Accelerate incident response and issue remediation

Why do I need a CAASM solution?

Cloud adoption, digital transformation, and API-first architecture have fundamentally changed how we build, manage, and secure our enterprises.

Our recent research for the 2022 State of Cyber Assets Report found that the average security team is responsible for managing over 165,000 cyber assets. That same team is facing a backlog of over 120,000 findings and alerts that all need review.

The sheer volume of asset data makes it nearly impossible to build an accurate cyber asset inventory, understand how those assets are connected, and properly identify your entire attack surface.

Without a way to manage this explosion of cloud resources and cyber assets your team is left with:

Cyber Asset Visibility & Management

JupiterOne is the leader in Cyber Asset Visibility & Management for cloud-native enterprises. We enable your security teams to create a complete asset inventory, get a centralized view of all cloud entities, identify business critical-assets, and prioritize risk across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

With over 200 integrations, you can identify, map, and analyze your entire digital infrastructure, including:

  • Cloud service providers
  • SaaS applications
  • Code repos
  • Identity providers
  • Application vulnerability scanners
  • Infrastructure vulnerability scanners 
  • Endpoint security agents
  • User training
  • And more
Build a complete cyber asset inventory

JupiterOne integrates with your cloud infrastructure, DevOps pipeline, and security tooling to pull reliable asset data into a single location. This complete, unified view allows you to properly manage cyber assets across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Understand your cyber asset relationships

The relationships between assets are just as important to cloud security as the assets themselves. Gain a full understanding of the connections between cyber assets, and easily pinpoint issues in your environment.

Get deeper insights to prioritize actions

By surfacing complex relationships between assets, you can dive into deeper levels of data-driven security. Total visibility into your environment, including prioritizing critical assets and infrastructure, puts confidence back in your decision making.

Attack Surface Management

JupiterOne turns your cyber asset inventory into an interactive visual map. We create an in-depth view of your threat landscape, making it easy to identify gaps, prioritize remediation, and reduce your internal attack surface.

Uncover hidden cyber assets and risks

Cyber asset counts are growing exponentially. With JupiterOne, you will discover the structural elements of your environment — unknown instances, user accounts, workloads, and security awareness gaps — to better mitigate risks.

Reduce your cyber attack surface

As your cloud expands, so does your threat landscape. With our interactive graph view, you can visualize the blast radius for threats, drill into asset details, and drastically reduce your cyber attack surface.

Continuously monitor for drift

JupiterOne continuously monitors your environment for changes, and alerts you when action is needed. Stay on top of new risks and keep your entire cyber asset ecosystem and infrastructure secure.

A single platform to manage your threat landscape.

JupiterOne works with your existing security tools to give you a holistic view of your cyber assets and attack surface. Learn more about integrating data from your EASM, SIEM, SOAR, XDR, and Vulnerability Management point solutions into the JupiterOne platform for a consolidated view of risks and priorities.