More than just Cloud Security Posture Management

Organizations are transitioning to the cloud faster than ever. As your cloud expands, so does your threat landscape. To stay secure, you need a complete and continuous understanding of your cloud environment that goes beyond traditional CSPM.

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According to a recent research study of almost 1,300 organizations, approximately 90% of devices in modern organizations are cloud-based. Cloud networks outpace physical networks by a ratio of 59:1.

However, rapid growth in cloud-first and cloud-native development presents new challenges, including:

  • Increased complexity as you scale your multi-cloud infrastructures
  • Greater burden and demand for time, resources, and manual effort to manage these new environments
  • Limited security coverage, even with multiple point solutions (e.g. CSPM, CWPP, CNAPP, CIEM)
  • Difficulty tracking cloud workloads and systems given their temporary, ephemeral nature
  • Heightened risk from new coverage gaps





Of devices in modern 
organizations are cloud-based


Cloud networks outpaced 
physical networks 59:1

Managing your cloud security posture with JupiterOne

The JupiterOne platform makes it simple for your team to manage cloud security posture and governance requirements. No other platform gives you the power to pull information from across your entire cloud, and the simplicity to understand and act on that data.

Major CSPM integrations include:

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Beyond traditional cloud security coverage

Traditional CSPM tools only pull data from your cloud service provider accounts like AWS, GCP, and Azure. They are generally inflexible, and require you to run multiple queries, or search through multiple CSPs to find in-depth asset information. But an accurate inventory of every cyber asset includes much more than just your cloud infrastructure.

JupiterOne consolidates and normalizes asset data across your complex, multi-cloud environments. We collect identity, code, security, endpoint, infrastructure, and ephemeral asset data, and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.

Our unique approach collects over 50% more asset data, allowing organizations to scale beyond current cloud security solutions. If you know, for example, where vulnerable code repos are deployed, you can address the issues faster. If you can discover all user endpoints with admin access to certain resources in the cloud, you can proactively manage your risk.

JupiterOne secures your entire digital infrastructure, including:
Cloud Service Providers
Code Repos
SaaS Applications
Identity Providers
User Training
Application Vulnerability Scanners
Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanners

Benefits of JupiterOne for cloud security posture management (CSPM)

Simplify complex cloud environments
JupiterOne consolidates and normalizes asset data across complex, multi-cloud environments. Run a single query to search for information from multiple cloud providers, applications, and services. Eliminate hours of manual effort and get a holistic view of your cyber assets and cloud security posture.
Connect cloud assets to your entire cyber universe
JupiterOne offers complete coverage for all of your cloud entities. We connect the dots between assets, users, endpoints, code repos, and more to give your teams full understanding of their environments.
Eliminate cloud resource misconfigurations & risk
JupiterOne automatically creates and classifies resource entries to continuously assess, audit, and evaluate configurations of your cloud resources. We detect compliance drift and reduce overall risk for your cloud native efforts.
Control overly permissive access rights to your cloud
Manage permission reviews of identities within your organization with pre-defined access policies, rules, and alerting. Control everything from new and former employee accounts, to partners, and third-party access with JupiterOne.
Leverage built-in automation, benchmarks, and policies
Maintain continuous compliance and meet the highest industry standards with pre-built frameworks including CIS Benchmarks, NIST, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and more. Automate security workflows with intelligent rules and alerts. Trigger ticket creation, communications, and actions to help you discover new issues.