Continuous Threat Exposure Management

with JupiterOne and watchTowr

Proactively target, prioritize and remediate exploitable vulnerabilities that are critical threats to your business.

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As enterprises increasingly migrate to the cloud and adopt SaaS platforms to stay agile, cultivate innovation and respond to market demands, this puts tremendous pressure and stress on Chief Security Information Officers (CISO), security engineers and vulnerability analysts. Security and IT professionals face an unenviable job to stay ahead of attackers and keep pace with the dynamic and constantly changing attack surface.

Organizations are adopting a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) program to scope, discover, prioritize, validate and remediate only their most business critical assets and protect their dynamic attack surface from emerging threats.

Exposure Management with JupiterOne and watchTowr allows your team to


Remediate Faster

Rapidly prioritize and fix vulnerabilities impacting your environment


Quantify Risk

Improve your resilience against dynamic shifts in the threat landscape that impact both cyber and financial risks

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End Tedious Work

Reduce manual processes from your attack surface and asset management programs

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Attack Surface from All Angles

See everything that matters, inside and out.

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Stay ahead of emerging vulnerabilities with the context and business impact needed to prioritize effectively and minimize your exposure


Attack Surface Assessment

Discover your external attack surface from an attacker's perspective, and identify internal assets along with their relationship to the external attack surface.


Continuous Discovery

Continual real-time discovery of your external assets, known and unknown, for comprehensive attack surface visibility


Identify Vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities across all external assets, classifying them with business context for clear and logical findings


Validate Exploitability

Automatically identify exploitable vulnerabilities at scale with low false-positive rates and validated findings

Effects Range (Blast Radius)

Gain insight into the impact of a threat actor's actions on your cloud infrastructure, SaaS platform, containers, repositories and more

Asset Attack Path

Visualize and analyze your environment to identify any potential attack paths, starting with the highest priority exploitable vulnerabilities to your critical assets


Report & Alert

Report and alert if critical assets are exposed by a vulnerability, directly or indirectly


Take action on choke points and potential attack paths with recommended responses and automated workflows for vulnerability and IT analysts

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