Incident Response

Fast-track incident response with an interactive view of your threat landscape

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A misguided step in your incident response workflow can derail your security investigation or result in ineffective remediation. JupiterOne provides the added context to improve your team’s ability to understand, prioritize, and remediate incidents with precision within minutes or hours - not days.

Even the smallest gap in visibility across cyber assets in your digital environment can keep you in the dark when responding to an incident. JupiterOne collects more asset data than any other provider, normalizes it, and gives you full visibility into your complex cloud environment.

Cyber asset context improves incident response

Triaging an incident requires in-depth understanding of the state of your assets. JupiterOne provides continuously updated cyber asset inventory and relational context, giving your teams the information they need to understand and act on any threat.

Accelerate response times and remediation

JupiterOne gives you the ability to ask complex security questions across your environments. Get answers to security questions in minutes, understand precisely what steps to take next, and prioritize remediation actions.

Detect rogue or vulnerable assets

Discover, alert, and take action on rogue or vulnerable assets such as suspicious code commits, unmanaged devices, misconfigured data stores, and risky behavior in Bitbucket and GitHub pull requests.

Relevant Integrations include: