Identity and Access Management

Discover and prioritize IAM risks across all of your cyber assets

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Create a centralized inventory of user identities and permissions, and correlate that data across your cyber assets with JupiterOne. Reduce security gaps by integrating IAM data from your cloud assets, users, devices, code repositories, applications, and more.

Managing users, permissions, and access is foundational to daily security operations. User access is often the key piece of information needed to secure your attack surface, track down an incident, discover a blast radius, or offboard an employee. Access and users are constantly changing. JupiterOne enables your teams to automate user access reviews, and proactively detect permissions, entitlement, and misconfiguration issues.

Visualize user access and permissions

JupiterOne automatically maps the relationships between all of your cyber assets to understand who can view and modify them. Complete access reviews and control over permissions to critical resources such as your code repos or public cloud assets and cloud workloads with JupiterOne.

Centralize governance of accounts and identities

JupiterOne connects to your current IAM solutions and defines identity governance controls. Create security policies, rules, and alerts to help you continuously monitor, detect, and remediate unknown or unsanctioned privileges across critical assets like your public cloud workloads and code repos.

Simplify compliance and audits

Gain identity assurance by understanding end-to-end activities of users and the use of elevated or over-permissioned access rights. JupiterOne’s Security Policy Builder enables you to map your asset security to critical security frameworks and take action.

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Google Suite


Microsoft 365