Cloud Native Cyber Asset
Attack Surface Management

Strengthen the foundation of your security program with JupiterOne

How it works

Frictionless setup, hundreds of integrations, and instant answers to security questions across your entire asset universe.

API-based, agentless setup
Nothing to install. Simple to deploy to your entire tech stack, and gain full visibility into your cyber assets in minutes.
Hundreds of integrations
Easily ingest data from all of your security and infrastructure tools with 180+ integrations. Gather extensive insights from your business-critical systems.
Scalable, graph-based architecture
Automatically collect and store configuration and relationship data from all of your cyber assets. Get instant results from any query with in-depth asset context.
Simplified multi-cloud & hybrid environments
Consolidate and normalize asset data across complex, multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Run a single query to search for asset information from multiple cloud providers, applications, and services.

Putting the data to work for you

Start using your new, accurate cyber asset inventory to understand your risks, prioritize critical issues, and secure your cloud attack surface.

Answer any security question

Leverage hundreds of prebuilt queries, the JupiterOne Query Language (J1QL), or natural language-based search to answer any question about your environment.

“There have been numerous instances where we needed to get a data centric answer to a big question and we had it in minutes where it would have taken us hours and a lot more work to get that answer without JupiterOne.”

VP, Security & Compliance at FinTech company

Visualize your attack surface
and reduce risk

Turn your asset inventory into an interactive visual map. Visualize the blast radius for threats, drill into more detail on any asset, and drastically reduce risk across your cyber attack surface.

“JupiterOne and its asset monitoring capability has become the foundation and the core to almost everything in our security operations. It is our one source of truth.”

Caleb Sima

Chief Security Officer at Robinhood

Prioritize time and resources across business-critical assets

Focus on the most important issues that impact your business-critical assets. Automate tagging based on the parameters that make sense for your security team. 

“Trying to secure everything dilutes our resources and causes us to lose focus on the things that matter. JupiterOne enables us to do continuously and clearly identify our critical assets, ensuring we don’t lose track of the things that require close attention and care.”

Sounil Yu

CISO and Head of Research at JupiterOne

Triage vulnerabilities in minutes

Understand the impact of new vulnerabilities across your cyber assets. Cut through the noise from thousands of alerts and prioritize your time and effort tracking down vulnerabilities.

“JupiterOne brings all of our cloud assets, their configurations, and vulnerabilities into one platform and the team can prioritize issues and understand the impact quickly across all of our assets.”

George Vauter

Staff Security Engineer at Auth0

Accelerate incident response
and remediation

Research new incidents with asset and relationship context. Ask complex security questions across your cyber assets and fix problems faster.

“We wanted to move from being reactive to proactive… the only way to do that was to look at the relationships between resources… querying the graph makes it easy to assess what needs to be changed and who is responsible. This insight boosts confidence in our incident response process.”

Adam Youngberg

Senior Manager, Security Engineering at Databricks

Close compliance gaps

Map your infrastructure once and automate future audits to enable continuous compliance. Built-in compliance frameworks include SOC2, NIST, CIS Benchmarks, PCI, and HIPAA. 

“We’ve achieved significant ROI on both JupiterOne and our compliance program as a whole since these are table stakes issues for around 1/3 of our prospects, especially prospects at larger organizations.” 

Jasmine Henry

Former Director of Cybersecurity at Esper

Monitor drift with automated policies, rules and alerting

Automate security workflows and control change across your cloud environment. Add continuous auditing and threat monitoring with targeted alerts and data-driven rules.

“JupiterOne has created an impressive policy and procedure feature that is SaaS-oriented and easy to consume and use.”

Witt Cunningham

Head of Security at Codoxo

Scale to fit your process and workflows 

Add custom integrations or proprietary data sets to integrate with your current CI/CD pipeline and automated processes. Leverage the flexibility and extensibility of the JupiterOne platform to meet your exact needs.

“JupiterOne had sophistication that wasn’t present in other vendors we looked at. JupiterOne was really responsive, the support was superior, and it was truly built for cloud native companies like us.”

Jasmine Henry

Former Director of Cybersecurity at Esper

Bring complete visibility into your orbit.

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