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View assets, context, and risks in one place

Get complete visibility of all your cloud and on-premises assets. Visualize asset connections to see vulnerabilities and their blast radius. Get alerts when important changes occur. Automate compliance and audit evidence collection.

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This is the most visionary tool on the market. It easily integrates with our tools. I don’t need 5 people to run it (unlike other software).

Neil F.

Security and Audit Manager

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Great visibility into the cloud! Being able to query AWS resources lets us understand our environment, configurations, and compliance.

Morgan L.

Compliance Analyst

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Fantastic automated solution for compliance and cyber security posture. JupiterOne cuts down the work for evidence submission for audits by 80%.

Syed K.

Security and Audit Manager

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My role is to bring secure-by-design products to market quickly. JupiterOne’s asset tracking and compliance automation is core to how I execute on that.

Jameeka Green Aaron



Collect and normalize assets

Collect and normalize assets

API driven, agent-less collection of all assets across your tech stack. Consolidate asset data from IT, DevOps, security, HR, and other tools into a single source of truth.

Plus, see data from vulnerability scanners, security controls (like cryptographic keys), and other valuable context into the security state of assets.

View all modern cyber asset classes:

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Map asset relationships

Visualize all the connections between your assets and uncover toxic combinations and hidden relationships that increase the risk of a material security incident.

See the blast radius of all the assets affected by security incidents. Detect downstream vulnerabilities.

Visualize connections between:

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Code repos

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Map asset relationshipsQuery assets with natural language

Query assets with natural language

Get detailed answers to any questions about your environment. Select queries from a pre-built library or create your own.

Quickly analyze your assets. Identify security gaps.

Search for:

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Report insights instantly

Automate compliance and evidence collection for audits.

Continuously monitor for gaps. Quickly see non-compliant devices and hosts. See which users still need to complete security training. Update teams about issues.

Compliance frameworks:

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+Custom standards

Report insights instantlyAutomate workflows

Automate workflows

Pre-built dashboards view important asset data at a glance. Customize with widgets based on your most frequently used queries. Proactively notify teams with built-in and custom alerts.

Know where to start investigations and reduce incident response times.

Analyze asset details:

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Over 200 integrations

Get visibility into your entire enterprise infrastructure

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“There’s so much more to JupiterOne than asset management. Any time you have data in the platform, JupiterOne is constantly and automatically connecting it to other data. That’s where the power comes in. We’ve been able to offload a lot of our work because of it.”

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“From a merger/acquisition perspective, JupiterOne was invaluable. As M&A activities in cloud native companies become increasingly popular, there is no better way to identify and tag assets than using a tool like JupiterOne.”

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“One of the big things that got us excited about JupiterOne was the Graph view – seeing how everything is connected. That, plus knowing that we had the out-of-the-box Insights Dashboards for Incident Response helped me sleep better.”

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“It’s an example of a modern security product company that **actually** solves real customer problems. Asset management is something we security folks waved our hands about for too long. The graph is a security primitive you build your program on.”

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“We were most impressed at how JupiterOne mapped and presented the relationships within our asset inventories. Now, we can efficiently discover and prioritize vulnerabilities by proximity to critical assets and are outperforming our goals in threat response.”

Award winning asset visibility & attack surface management software

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an asset?

Cyber assets are the on-prem and cloud resources included in a company's security and IT infrastructure. For example: apps, data, code repos, devices, networks, policies, security controls, users, configurations, and more.

A complete view of your assets in one platform helps you secure your entire cloud and hybrid environment.

What are common use cases for JupiterOne?

The most popular use cases include:

  • Asset Management: Get complete visibility of all your assets and their connections.
  • Vulnerability Prioritization: Map and triage vulnerabilities based on criticality.
  • Incident Response: Instantly see the blast radius of affected assets following a breach.
  • Compliance: Maintain industry standards and automate audit processes.

What tools does JupiterOne integrate with?

JupiterOne integrates with over 200 security, IT, DevOps, and HR tools. Pull infrastructure data from top tools including AWS, Azure, Google, Microsoft, Snowflake, Salesforce, Jira, Qualys, Okta, GitHub, and more.

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How do I use queries to monitor my environment?

JupiterOne makes it easy to create custom reports that address particular security or compliance concerns. For example, you can generate queries about current vulnerabilities, access privileges, recent changes, unused hosts, devices, and more. Select from pre-built queries or create your own using natural language searches.

Turn commonly used queries into triggers that automatically alert teams of critical changes. Add queries to dashboards so you can monitor environment security at a glance. Reduce time spent manually monitoring your environment.

Prioritize with confidence with complete asset management and analysis

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