SaaS Security with JupiterOne

JupiterOne provides the connecting fabric across your disparate SaaS systems.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, it’s hard to keep track of what assets you have in your cloud-native environments. The sheer number of different technologies needed to run your business makes managing your tech stack feel more like playing Jenga®. When you’re “born in the cloud,” it becomes challenging to comply with regulations written for traditional, on-premise environments.

Innovation doesn’t have to happen at the expense of security

Get complete visibility into all cyber assets

The JupiterOne platform gives you the tools to manage cyber assets across complex multi-cloud environments. Gain complete visibility into cloud infrastructure, code repos, identities, security scan results, threat intelligence, policies and procedures, and more.

Proactively manage vulnerabilities and incident response

Vulnerability management and incident response requires in depth understanding of the state of your assets. JupiterOne provides continuously updated cyber asset context making vulnerability management and incident response easier.

Scalable security to meet CIS Benchmarks

JupiterOne automatically connects the dots across policies, compliance standards, infrastructure configuration, and more to secure your cloud environments in AWS, Google, and Azure. Quickly and easily pinpoint if and where you have gaps in the 100+ configuration guidelines for CIS Benchmarks.