Greater Visibility and Context to Optimize Security Operations

Combine Splunk's search, analysis, and visualization of event data for actionable insights with JupiterOne's graph data model to expose the complex relationships between cyber assets.  This provides both situational (event logs and activity) and structural (configurations and correlation) context, which can be used to improve decision-making for accelerated incident response; automate remediation with accuracy; conduct thorough investigations to understand when, how, and what assets were impacted.

Better together: JupiterOne & Splunk

Greater cyber asset visibility

See contextual data about cloud-native environments, ephemeral assets, users, and more.

Smarter response to incidents

JupiterOne adds structural awareness and richer data to optimize alerting and improves the depth of investigation and query results.

Identify security and compliance gaps

Rapidly detect cloud misconfigurations and compliance drift, uncovering security risks that can then be addressed in Splunk.



Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) helps organizations around the world turn data into doing. Splunk technology is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze and act on data at any scale.

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