Optimize SecOps with complete asset visibility

Boost every aspect of your security operations and engineering with JupiterOne

When you understand every single thing in your environment, where it lives, and how each relates to the other, you gain structural awareness. JupiterOne combines full visibility into all cyber assets in your ecosystem with a powerful graph database to give you unprecedented context that fuels Security Operations.

With JupiterOne, your team can

Prioritize critical and day-to-day tasks with confidence

Streamline vulnerability management and uncover new risks

De-risk IAM processes with added clarity into user access and permissions

Take precise action in your incident response workflows

Vulnerability management

Enhance vulnerability management with a central view of your cyber assets

Your security operations likely rely on numerous point solutions to detect and monitor for vulnerabilities and keep adversaries from gaining unauthorized access to your data and systems. Unify the management and analysis of your cyber assets and vulnerabilities with a single tool.

Centralize security operations

JupiterOne ingests vulnerabilities and findings from sources like vulnerability scanners, code scanners, cloud service providers, endpoint management tools, and more. This data is then correlated with the relevant cyber assets, giving you a centralized view to manage vulnerabilities.

Uncover risks with contextual data

JupiterOne’s interactive visual graph connects the dots between assets and vulnerabilities. Your teams can quickly spot vulnerabilities, assess the impact, and take the necessary steps to remediate them.

Continuous asset tracking and alerts

Track asset changes in your environments and alert on potentially risky changes to uncover vulnerabilities quickly. Reduce the noise and focus on what matters using JupiterOne queries and alert rule workflows.

Relevant Integrations include:


Orca Security



Incident response

Fast-track incident response with an interactive view of your threat landscape

A misguided step in your incident response workflow can derail your security investigation or result in ineffective remediation. JupiterOne provides the added context to improve your team’s ability to understand, prioritize, and remediate incidents with precision, in minutes or hours, not days.

Cyber asset context improves incident response

Triaging an incident requires in-depth understanding of the state of your assets. JupiterOne provides continuously updated cyber asset inventory and relational context, giving your teams the information they need to understand and act on any threat.

Accelerate response times and remediation

JupiterOne gives you the ability to ask complex security questions across your environments. Get answers to security questions in minutes, understand precisely what steps to take next, and prioritize remediation actions.

Detect rogue or vulnerable assets

Discovery, alert, and take action on rogue or vulnerable assets such as suspicious code commits, unmanaged devices, misconfigured data stores, and risky git behavior in Bitbucket and GitHub pull requests.

Relevant Integrations include:







Identity and access management

Discover and prioritize IAM risks across all of your cyber assets

JupiterOne lets you create a centralized inventory of user identities and permissions, and correlate that data to your cyber assets. Reduce security gaps by integrating IAM data from your cloud assets, users, devices, code repositories, applications, and more, to automate user access reviews, and detect permissions, entitlement, and misconfiguration issues.

Visualize user access and permissions

JupiterOne automatically maps the relationships between all of your cyber assets to understand who can view and modify them. Complete access reviews and spot over permissions to critical resources such as your code repos or public cloud assets and cloud workloads with JupiterOne.

Centralize governance of accounts and identities

JupiterOne connects to your current IAM solutions and defines identity governance controls. Create security policies, rules, and alerts to help you continuously monitor, detect, and remediate unknown or unsanctioned privileges across critical assets like your public cloud workloads and code respos.

Simplify compliance and audits

Gain identity assurance by understanding end-to-end activities of users and the use of elevated or over-permissioned access rights. JupiterOne’s Security Policy Builder enables you to map your asset security to critical security frameworks and take action.

Relevant Integrations include:




Google Suite


Microsoft 365