Get faster hybrid cloud visibility and protection

Cisco Attack Surface Management (formerly Secure Cloud Insights) provides complete visibility into your cloud environments to help you identify security and compliance gaps while accelerating threat investigation and response. It provides visibility into your cloud assets with a comprehensive inventory of your assets, helps you understand your attack surface with relationship mapping to navigate cloud-based entities and access rights, and strengthens your cloud security posture while improving compliance with security and compliance reporting.

Better together: JupiterOne & Cisco

Comprehensive cyber asset inventory

Get a comprehensive inventory of assets across hybrid clouds including your cloud security posture.

Relationship mapping to navigate cloud assets

Understand your entire attack surface by mapping relationships between assets to better understand context.

Drastically reduce security and compliance risks

Quickly investigate and remediate impacted assets by pinpointing blast radius and continuous monitoring to detect policy violations or misconfigurations.



Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in technology that powers the Internet. Cisco inspires new possibilities by reimagining your applications, securing your data, transforming your infrastructure, and empowering your teams for a global and inclusive future.

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