Cloud native cyber asset collection, monitoring, security and governance

A cyber asset is not just a device with an IP address. Everything from a code commit to your AWS configuration is a cyber asset. JupiterOne ingests asset data from over 70 AWS services, including vulnerability information from Amazon Inspector, GuardDuty and other native AWS security tools.

Automate the continuous collection of cyber asset infrastructure and security configuration data to provide an always up-to-date, easy-to-query, system of record for your cyber asset universe. JupiterOne helps organizations by providing complete cyber asset visibility, understanding of the relationships between cyber assets, accelerates reporting and analysis, and can launch your security engineering and operations program to the next level.

Better together: JupiterOne & AWS

Complete cyber asset visibility

Leverage comprehensive AWS service integrations that give you a single source of truth for your cloud assets.

Cloud security posture management

Gain insight into the relationships and context of your assets for comprehensive security management.

Prioritize business and security risks

Carry out continuous monitoring to surface problems impacting critical assets and infrastructure. Pinpoint issues and monitor drift across your environment.



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