JupiterOne for AWS Enterprises

New security, compliance, and operational requirements mean new challenges.  JupiterOne for AWS Enterprises gives you more visibility and control over your cyber assets.

Cyber security rests on asset discovery and visibility

Knowing what assets you have – including those you don’t know about – is critical to shrinking your attack surface.  JupiterOne integrates with your AWS environment and technology stack to quickly discover, correlate, and analyze your cyber asset data.  With JupiterOne, you get a holistic view of your cyber assets in AWS and beyond to achieve compliance, empower SecOps, accelerate incident response, and strengthen your cloud security posture.

"We started our search for a solution like JupiterOne because we didn’t have a comprehensive view of our AWS cloud assets."

Andrew Bitson
Platform Security Engineer and part of the Cloud Security team at Indeed

What can you do with JupiterOne?

Create visual graph-based diagrams of application platform service components deployed in your AWS account

Dynamically visualize identity and access permissions

Analyze network and security group rules to identify external-facing resources

Identify cross-account trusts via IAM assume role

Track untagged or unclassified resources

Detect leaked secrets in CloudFormation parameters and/or outputs

Discover S3 bucket access

Consolidate and correlate Inspector and GuardDuty findings

View history versions and changes of any resource for forensic analysis

Get a detailed look at the JupiterOne platform

Learn more about securing your AWS environment.

Get up to speed with AskJ1.com

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Who’s Eligible?

Any enterprise that’s new to JupiterOne is eligible!  It’s that simple.  Learn more about how JupiterOne’s highly curated security platform enables your team to discover, monitor, and remediate cybersecurity threats for your organization.