Fintech Cybersecurity with JupiterOne

With the growing number of data breaches, and heightened public awareness around new breaches, your customers expect you to be responsible with their payment and cardholder data. Not only is the threat landscape increasing, but regulations including SOC II, CIS Benchmarks, and PCI DSS are complex, making it time consuming to remain compliant.

Secure your sensitive customer data by securing all of your cyber assets

Strengthen your security operations with complete asset visibility

JupiterOne provides the connecting fabric across all of your systems, giving you a centralized, efficient way to ensure customer payment data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Reduce complexity, gain rich contextual insights, and get full asset visibility with JupiterOne.

Proactively manage vulnerabilities and incident response

Vulnerability management and incident response require in depth understanding of the state of your assets. JupiterOne provides continuously updated cyber asset context simplifying vulnerability management and incident response, and reducing risk.

Gain customer trust with PCI compliance

JupiterOne helps you achieve and maintain PCI compliance by making security part of your everyday operations. Automate evidence collection and continuous monitoring so you never have to worry about drift or unknown gaps.