AWS Solution-Focused Immersion Days

Cloud security lab with JupiterOne & AWS

Optimize investigations of your attack surface, including your AWS infrastructure, with JupiterOne.

*You need to BYOD, but not BYOB! Cocktails to be served following the event!

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About the event

Calling all security practitioners! Join AWS and JupiterOne for a hands-on workshop and live solution demo of JupiterOne’s cyber asset analysis platform.

JupiterOne collects, normalizes and maps asset data across your security and infrastructure technology to provide unmatched visibility into multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure. This event features four hands-on exercises:

  • Security Incident Response
  • Threat Vulnerability Management
  • Critical Cyber Asset Attack Protection
  • JupiterOne Rule Packs

You’ll discover just how quickly you can find:

  • Nonpublic EC2 instances that are actually publicly accessible
  • Inspector and GuardDuty findings that are tied to critical assets
  • Resources that are missing endpoint protection agents
  • Active accounts of terminated employees with access to critical resources
  • Unencrypted S3 buckets
Presented in collaboration with AWS

Why attend?

Whether you focus on incident response or day-to-day operational excellence, security practitioners spend an inordinate amount of time hunting down information across their AWS accounts, identity providers, code management, vulnerability scanners, EDR, and other vendors. Critical information about their attack surface is spread across disparate systems, leaving security gaps hidden in plain sight. 

Join this event to learn how to optimize investigations of your attack surface with JupiterOne.

Who should attend?

This event is for security practitioners looking to streamline their MTTR, monitor hard-to-find security gaps, enrich their workflows with specific asset data and prescriptive remediation, and automate security posture monitoring across their entire infrastructure.

Specific roles that would benefit from this hands-on workshop include: Director of SecOps, Security Analysts, Security Engineers, Cloud Security Operations teams.

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